Top 20 TV Characters of All Time

This is the second part of our 4-part post about the top 20 TV characters of all time. Yesterday, we listed Dexter, Ari Gold, Malcolm Reynolds, Cameron Phillips, and Spike Spiegel. Here is the next five on our list.

Angel/Angelus – Angel/Angelus from the show “Angel” is one of our favorites because he walked the line between good and evil.  As Angel he was an awesome leader who made tough decision, but at the same time he was able to mix in comedy.  As Angelus he was a cold, intelligent psychopath that was feared by everyone both good and evil.


Samantha “Sam” Puckett – Sam from “iCarly” worked her way into our top 20 because everybody has a friend that has some of her character traits.  If you can’t think of that friend then chances are its you.  She is aggressive, sassy and can be mean.  However, what makes her such a unique character is that the negative traits are balanced with loyalty, a genuine heart and the ability to deliver some pretty funny one-liners.


Tony DiNozzo – DiNozzo was one of our favorites from day one of “NCIS”.  His character balances comic relief with an extremely high level of competence in his job.  He’s handsome and a ladie’s man.  His delivery of his lines especially the humorous ones are second to none.


Al Swearengen – Sweawengen is one of the brothel owners in the former HBO series “Deadwood”.  His character verbal dexterity is something to be marveled at.  The phrases that come out of his mouth will either amuse you greatly; make you shake your head or cause you gasp.


Roger – Roger from “American Dad” never ceases to make us laugh.  The combination of his ambiguous sexuality coupled with all of his disguises and penchant for one-liners makes us love this character.  If those traits weren’t enough he’s also an alien.


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