September Music Haul

We love music. We’re constantly searching for new music that pleases our ears. At the end of each month, we’ll post a list of songs that we have either newly discovered or been in heavy rotation on our iPods. We understand that some of the music we find is new to us, but not necessarily new to other people. Either way…enjoy.

  1. “Bridge is Burning”- Foo Fighters
  2. “Swag”- David Banner
  3. “My God”- Pusha T
  4. “Promises, Promises”- Incubus
  5. “Party Rock Anthem”- LMFAO
  6. “The Zone”- The Weekend ft. Drake
  7. “Hurting”- Friendly Fires
  8. “Nightmares of the Bottom”- Lil Wayne
  9. “Quickie”- Miguel
  10. “Hunt Hunt Hunt”- There for Tomorrow
  11. “Life Is… (Interlude)”- David Dallas
  12. “Sideline Story”- J. Cole
  13. “Poe Mans Dream (His Vice)”- Kendrick Lamar
  14. “To Be Yours”- Phonte
  15. “Did I Let You Know”- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  16. “Love On Top”- Beyonce
  17. “Feminine Eye”- Bibio
  18. “You & I”- Lady Gaga
  19. “Born In The Trap”- Game
  20. “Monster”- Paramore
  21. “She”- Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean
  22. “Parachute”- Tabi Bonney
  23. “Lotus Flower Bomb”- Wale ft. Miguel
  24. “Ponta de Areia”- Esperanza Spalding
  25. “Fragile Bird”- City and Colour

If you are interested in hearing these songs, we have included a convenient link to our grooveshark playlist. Have a nice day.

Convenient link


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