iOS 5 Hands-on

We’ve been using iOS 5 for a little over 24 hours and we must say that after some early issues with the transition, iOS 5 is a welcome upgrade for iDevices.
Initially when we upgraded, it erased all the contacts from the phone. So in order to fix this, we had to restore to a backup and try again. 45 minutes later the phone was up and working. Finally, we were able to delve into iOS 5.
The first thing we noticed was the speed upgrade. The phone now moves a big faster than it ever has.
Another thing we noticed was the notification center. Unread text, missed calls, weather, and more are now centralized in a location that can be viewed by simply swiping downward from the top of the screen. We found this to be very useful and convenient. Especially since the weather app now uses location services to give you weather specific to your actual location at the given time.
Twitter is now deeply integrated, but much to our delight it is non-intrusive. Instead of creating an app just like the Twitter app that already exists, they added the option to tweet from the camera, YouTube and map apps.
The maps also received a cosmetic and utility upgrade. You are now offered multiple routes to your desired location. You simply select one and it goes from there.
In the Safari app, most web pages allow you to use the ‘read’ function. This allows you to view the text from websites in an easier to read format.
Other changes are the stand alone video app instead of being integrated into the music app. There is also a newsstand app to better organize your newspaper and magazine subscriptions. There is a new reminder app that allows you to set location based reminders that will alert you when you are near the place you needed to go.
Two of the best new features is iCloud and wi-fi syncing. iCloud allows you to back your phone up to the cloud. So your data is never far away. The ability to sync wirelessly is a long overdue feature and we are glad it’s finally been added.
There are many other features that have been added, but we just wanted to do an overview of the ones we would use the most. We think it is a very good upgrade, which is nothing less than what we expected from Apple. Let us know how your experience with Apple’s latest mobile OS is going.


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