American Horror Story Review: Halloween Part 2

American Horror Story returns with “Halloween Part 2”. At the end of the last episode, we saw Violet backing up from the door and the camera pans around and the audience sees the rubber man. When Ben and Vivien arrive at the house, Violet isn’t in the house. Ben hears a knock on the door and opens it to see Hayden with an evil grin on her face. Ben promptly shuts the door. At the beginning of this episode, we see that Violet looked towards the place that the rubber man is standing, but this time, he isn’t there. She then runs upstairs and in her room, we see an arm reaching from under her bed trying to grab her ankle. Violet never sees the arm and is drawn to the window by Tate. She goes down into the basement to meet Tate. He suggests that all the weirdness could just be because of Halloween. He then convinces her to leave with him. We see Ben and Vivien drive up to house and hear the alarm going off. They rush in and search for Violet. After Ben sees Hayden at the door, he goes into the kitchen and grabs a butcher knife. Vivien sees him and asks him what he’s doing. He tells her that he’s tired of the kids messing with house. She gives him a disbelieving look and responds with “So, you’re going to stop them by killing them?” Ben then tells her that they’ve had a long night and that they need to just relax. She tells him that she’s going to take a bath and that Ben still needs to pack. He tells her that he’s not leaving and he’s not giving up on the family.

Ben goes outside and confronts Larry. He hits him in the face with a shovel and punches him numerous times. He accuses Larry and Hayden of extorting him. Larry tells him that Hayden is dead and cryptically tells him that Hayden is back from the dead. Ben seriously contemplates killing Larry. Larry tells him to do it so he can come back and haunt Ben. Ben then threatens to kill Larry if he ever comes back on the property. The security cop shows up at the house because the alarm was triggered and talks to Vivien. They trade more pleasantries and there is a hint of flirting again. Tate and Violet are at the beach making out and Violet makes a sexual advance on Tate. Tate clams up and tells Violet that he wants to be with her, but he can’t explain why he can’t. He blames the meds and Violet tries to leave. He convinces her to stay. He tells her about when he used to come to that spot on the beach. He names Kurt Cobain, Quentin Tarantino, Robert De Niro, and Al Pacino as high school dropouts and says he hated high school. As a result, he comes to the beach and thinks that he could do anything and didn’t need high school. Suddenly some other teenagers show up. They seem to know Tate, but he claims not to know them. They all have gunshot injuries. There are two girls and three boys. One girl has the side of her head missing and the other girl has a hole in her chest. One of the boys has a wound in the middle of his head, another boy is missing his jaw and the third boy is missing the side of his jaw. They immediately ask Tate why he did it. Violet thinks that it’s a prank, but Tate is visibly shaken.  They leave the beach in a hurry. Vivien goes into the bathroom and receives a phone call from Hayden. Hayden insists that Vivien ask Ben about Boston. Vivien gets angry and tells her she has no future with Ben. After Hayden tells her some intimate details about her and Ben, Vivien angrily tells her that she regrets not ripping her face off. When Vivien hangs the phone up she turns around and sees “Ask Him” written in the steam on the bathroom mirror.

Vivien runs down the stairs in a panic and tells Ben that Hayden is in the house. Ben convinces her not to call the cops. He grabs a knife and goes searching for her. He finds her in the basement. He tells her to leave and she tells him that he’s mean for closing the door in her face. She ignores what he says and tries to seduce him. He tells her she can’t extort him. She then spits out a body part and says she’s rotting from the inside out. She gets angry at him for building a gazebo over her grave. He asks her what she wants from him. She tells him she wants him to tell Vivien about Boston. He is then hit in the back of the head by Larry. Larry tries to apologize to Hayden, but she tells him she’ll deal with him later but first she has deal with Vivien. Chad is outside destroying pumpkins, he accuses Vivien of ruining his Halloween. All he wanted was a good Halloween with his boyfriend, but instead his boyfriend is out partying without him. Vivien tells him to leave or she’ll call the police. He tells her that she still doesn’t understand and that there’s no way to protect her. He then chases her into the house. She runs inside and looks for Ben. Hayden is seen taking a bath and crying. Vivien hears the dog barking and presses the panic button. She sees smoke coming from under the door and opens it to see some towels on fire and puts them out. Violet and Tate are in her room arguing about the teens at the beach. She tells him that they seem to know him and that he looked worried. They look out the window and see the teens approaching the house. Vivien gets another phone call from Hayden saying she wants to apologize about the bath water. Vivien then hears Hayden tell something to “come here”. She asks Hayden where she is and Hayden hints that she’s in the kitchen. Vivien walks to the kitchen and doesn’t see Hayden. She hears the microwave going and something explodes inside of it insinuating that it’s the dog.

The teens are outside and Violet goes out to confront them. They threaten her, but then realize that Violet really doesn’t know what Tate did. They tell her about Westfield High and mention that it was in the news. Tate shows up and takes off running with the teens running behind him. Violet calls the police but before she can finish the phone call, Constance shows up and takes her to her house. Vivien sees her dog still alive and then sees Hayden standing there. They have a little showdown. Hayden get s upset when she finds out Vivien is pregnant. She thinks that Ben wanted her to get rid of her baby because Vivien was pregnant. She then angrily smashes a photo of the family and grabs a shard of glass. Larry is dousing the house in gasoline and Chad shows up and asks him what he’s doing to his house. Nora appears to Ben and unties him. She tells him that the house doesn’t need another tragedy and to go save the baby. Hayden is still screaming at Vivien while she’s advancing on her. She tells Vivien that Ben will hurt her and her baby. The only logical thing to do is to cut Vivien’s baby out of her. She grabs Vivien and prepares to cut her. Ben shows up and Hayden demands that he tell Vivien about Boston. He confesses everything. He tells her that he went back to Hayden months ago and he lied about it. He begs Hayden to drop the glass and she does. The security cop shows up with his gun drawn to arrest Hayden.

Constance is talking to Violet and tells her about her goodbye to Addie. She reminisces about Addie and the pain of losing a child. We see her saying a goodbye to Addie in the morgue. She puts makeup on her and tells that she’s a pretty girl. She then kisses her and leaves.  She describes some of her pain with the line “they say when a parent dies, a child sees their mortality, but when a child dies, its immortality that the parent is robbed of”. She says that Addie was the most like her out of all her children. Violet says that she didn’t know Constance had more children. Constance then reveals to Violet that Tate is her son and he can’t know about Addie’s death because he doesn’t react well to things. She begs Violet not to tell him. She tells Violet that he has the soul of a poet, but not the steel resolve of Addie and Violet. She says that he craves Violet’s strength. Tate stops running at the beach and the teens catch up to him. One teen asks him if he believes in god. She then describes how Tate put a gun to her head and asked her if she believed in God. When she said yes, he shot her anyway. Tate still doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They assault him and keep asking him why he did it. He tells them that he doesn’t know them. They insist that he does. They say that they never did anything to him so they can’t understand why he would target them. He screams at them to get out of his head. We see flashes of his dream that he described to Ben. The cheerleader tells him that they’re real. She tells him that she should be 34 and married with children. The teens have to leave because the sun is coming up. We see all the ghosts we’ve seen walking back into the house at dawn. The security guard is seen driving with Hayden in the back of his car. He talks to her about what she did and tells her she was wrong. She asks what will happen now and he tells her she’s is going to jail. He parks the car at the station and walks around to Hayden’s side. When he opens the door, she’s gone. Ben is seen silently packing. He sees the broken picture and picks it up. He walks into the kitchen where Vivien is sitting. He leans down and kisses her on her forehead. He stands up, walks away and turns around and looks at her. She’s not looking him in the eye. He then turns back around and walks out the door without a word.

We enjoyed this episode for the cinematic feel. The ending scenes were especially great. This episode had some character development for Tate. He keeps on referring to his high school days in past tense, but it doesn’t seem like Violet is catching on to that. We’re interested to see next episode. Hopefully we’ll find out why Tate doesn’t seem to remember going on a shooting spree at his school. We found it creepy that the students that chastised Tate seemed to have a singular consciousness, with each representing an emotion Tate’s action dictated. The cheerleader said that she should be 34. Assuming she was between the ages of 14 and 18 when she died, she would have been dead 16-20 years. Tate originally described his killing spree to Ben as a dream. We wonder if Tate even knows he’s dead. We figured that Tate and Constance had a connection. We expect to see Addie again. What impact will Ben’s departure have on the family? Has Hayden moved on or is she going to continue to haunt the house? All these questions make us look forward to next episode.


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