In Case You Haven’t Seen: Hell on Wheels

Yesterday, “Hell on Wheels” premiered on AMC. We managed to catch the first broadcast amidst football and we must say it was entertaining. We were huge fans of Deadwood and we’ve been waiting for the next great western. We have to give it a few more weeks before we decide whether or not it’s great, but if the next few weeks are anything like the first one, we won’t be disappointed. This show is based in 1865, post Civil War and after President Lincoln is assassinated. So far, we see that it’s about revenge. The main character, Cullen Bohannon, is on a quest for vengeance. He’s a former Confederate soldier. He appears to be hunting down everyone who’s was involved in an event. Right now, we know that the event involves the murder of his wife. So far, two of the men who were involved, are dead. One man was killed by Cullen and the other man was killed by Elam, a recently freed slave. We think this show is off to a good start. If you get a chance, we think you should check it out. It airs on Sunday nights at 10pm/9pm central on AMC.


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