Bones Episode Review: “The Hot Dog in the Competition”

This episode of Bones starts with an old land lady walking through an apartment building. She enters one of the apartments and discovers the body of a young woman being eaten by hairless mice in a broken glass case. The scene changes to Cam talking to the new intern, Finn. You find out that Fin has a record and it was recently expunged. She says that he graduated top of his class at 16 and he will be a doctor by the time he’s 20. Booth, Brennan, and Hodgins are at the crime scene. Brennan reveals that she’s having a daughter. Booth is shocked and asks if she’s guessing. She tells him that she had an ultrasound that morning and that the baby has female genitalia. Booth is surprised and upset that she didn’t include him. She rationalizes that ultrasounds are poorly pixilated and in black and white. She says that Booth doesn’t like black and white movies. She had no idea that it was important to Booth. He says that they will talk about it later and focuses on the body. Hodgins discovers the skin of a python. He says they have to find it because it could have ingested some evidence. At the lab, Finn, Cam and Brennan begin to analyze the body. Fin concludes the age of the victim, the thickness and type of the glass she was thrown through, and the injuries she sustained. As Cam begins to analyze the small intestine of the body, its abdomen begins to move. The python slithers out of the body and Cam freaks out. Finn grabs the snake and begins to play with it.

Hodgins approaches Cam and Finn and asks about the snake that was found. Cam says that Brennan was impressed by Finn and Hodgins remarks that it’s rare for an intern to impress Brennan so quickly. Finn remarks that he wants to “do her proud” in regards to Brennan. Hodgins begins to make snide comments to Finn. He asks Finn what he did to wind up in a juvenile detention center for three years. Finn tells him that it was things like joyriding and stealing that got him sent there, but now he’s an honest man. Cam directs attention back to the body and sees some food particles in her teeth. Hodgins takes some of the particles to his lab and Finn discovers what he believes to be an extra bone on the body. He says he wants to show Brennan. Booth brings Sweets to the victim’s apartment so Sweets can give a profile of the victim. Sweets congratulates Booth on having a daughter and Booth gets agitated. When Sweets tries to pry, Booth directs the attention back to the profile. Sweets sees that there are no personal belongings in the apartment so there isn’t much information to use. He takes note of the python. Booth says that the neighbors saw her multiple times with men. Sweets and Booth conclude that she was a prostitute. Cam is visited by Caroline. She is upset that Cam has hired an intern with a criminal past. She doesn’t want Finn working in the lab. Cam defends her decision saying that Finn is brilliant. Hodgins and Finn argue in his lab about the snake. Cam wants the snake killed so that a mouse can be removed. Hodgins doesn’t want the snake killed and again makes snide comments to Finn. When Finn tries to offer to figure out a way to get the mouse without killing the snake, Hodgins cuts him off and insults him again. Finn then tells Hodgins that it doesn’t matter how he speaks. He says that no one else has a problem with the way he speaks, so Hodgins is only doing it to make him feel bad. Finn says that the only thing that matters in the lab is science. He then walks out. Hodgins manages to convince Cam to give him two hours. If he can’t figure out how to get the mouse out, then they will kill it. Brennan tells Finn that the bone he found is a chicken bone. Angela approaches Brennan and tries to get her to understand why Booth would be upset about the ultrasound. Angela then identifies the victim as Tina Thomas. Booth and Sweets interview Tina’s husband. At first, Booth and Sweets think that Tina was a prostitute. The husband tells them that she was a competitive eating champion and she used the apartment to train.

Booth and Brennan discuss competitive eating at the diner. Booth says that he is going to interview the head of the competitive eating league. Brennan says that she can’t go with Booth because she has a meeting with a financial advisor about a trust fund for their daughter. Booth tells her that she isn’t including him again. Booth suggests that she “walk in his shoes” so she can see things from his perspective which, Brennan agrees to. She tells Booth that she wants to have intercourse. She explains to Booth that he enjoys sex at anytime and the moment is considered anytime so he wants to have sex in that moment. Booth says that he’s frustrated. Cam is analyzing food particles from Tina’s teeth. Angela approaches her and Cam tells her that she identified most of the food as hot dog meat but she also found human tissue. Angela tells Cam to send her the results of the DNA test so she can run it in the database. Booth interviews the head of the competitive eating league. He says that he was in Japan about a month ago and he discussed a TV deal while there. He says that Tina was the main draw, but it was for the league. He said that the last time he saw Tina was four weeks ago. Caroline approaches Cam and tells her that Finn assaulted his step-father with a knife. She also tells Cam that Finn’s step-father disappeared a year after the assault and a body was never found. She tells Cam not to be stubborn. After Caroline leaves, Finn comes in and offers to help her. She tells Finn that she’s fine. Booth and Brennan go to a competitive eating contest. Booth and Brennan get very excited at the competition. The winner eats 56 hotdogs. Brennan comments that Tina’s record was 65. Booth thinks that Tina’s record and the money would be motive for someone to murder her.

Booth and Brennan interview the winner of the contest and he denies killing Tina. He says that he was in Atlantic City on the night of her murder. Hodgins sees Fin in his lab and asks him what he’s doing in there. Finn explains that he’s trying to help the snake by cooling it down so that it slows down its metabolism. He says they have five minutes until the snake dies. He says that many snakes vomit when faced with danger so they can slither away faster. He gets Hodgins to apologize before he helps the snake. He then shows Hodgins how to scare the snake. He makes a fake animal appear in front of the snake and it vomits onto the glass. Cam approaches Angela and says that she has the DNA results from the skin found in Tina’s teeth. The new suspect is Brian Tobin and he works for one of Tina’s sponsors. She then tells Angela that she wants her to run a search on Finn. She wants her to check him out. Booth and Brennan are in the car and they have to go back to the gluttony games. Brennan makes a hard turn and says that it’s what Booth would have done. As they walk backstage at the gluttony games, Brennan sees Tobin forcing hotdogs down a woman’s throat. She runs and tackles him. Booth tells her that she shouldn’t be doing things like that because she’s pregnant. She says that she was acting like him. Tobin says that she was helping the girl train and that Brennan wrecked her personal best.

Booth and Sweets are interviewing Tobin. They ask him why Tina bit him. He says that they were fighting over money, but he wouldn’t hurt her because she was valuable to him. He says that a lot of the competitors bite him. She bit him because she was starting to vomit and he was trying to help her. He says that the last time he saw Tina was on Sunday. They trained for a little bit and then she vomited, cried and said she was done with competitive eating. He says that he was upset but he wouldn’t kill her. Angela is reading articles about Finn when he sees her. He says that he knows it doesn’t look good. She asks him if the reports are wrong and he says that it doesn’t matter because people always think the worst. He tells Angela that he had an idea to use Angela’s computer and calculate the mass of the killer and reference the length of the room. He gives her some calculations that he has for the model and leaves. Before he leaves, he tells Angela not to worry about the articles she was reading. He then goes back to the bones and puts the piece he was holding down. Finn then takes off his lab coat and leaves. Cam is seen holding his lab coat and Brennan asks her if she knows where he went. She says that he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who would quit before they solve the case. Cam tells Brennan that he has a questionable past. Brennan shows Cam Tina’s tooth erosion. Brennan says that Booth’s most recent interview would point to vomiting as the cause instead of over eating. Brennan says that it would be illogical for Finn to work where his every move is observed and documented by the most brilliant minds at the Jeffersonian if he is still a danger. Cam agrees and says that he’s a kid so he might not be that reasonable. Brennan comments that she’s seen his work and she assures Cam that he is reasonable. Brennan then discovers that victim was vomiting because she was eight weeks pregnant. Booth interviews Tina’s husband again. The husband says that they argued a lot because he didn’t want kids and Tina did. He says that he thought kids could wait and he didn’t want Tina to quit her job because she was making good money. He then tells Booth that he doesn’t have to talk to him.

Booth and Brennan discuss the case at the diner. Brennan says that Booth has to let the husband go because he only weighs 183 pounds. Angela calculated the mass and acceleration the killer would need in order to throw Tina through the glass. The assailant would have to weigh at least 312 pounds. She tells Booth that she will keep looking for evidence by herself because her intern disappeared. We then see her put some earphones on and begin to examine the bones. Finn shows up and she tells him that she doesn’t appreciate having to do his work. He apologizes and says that he realized that quitting would be the coward’s way out. Brennan agrees and tells him to clean the bone he recovered. She asks him if his interest in forensics stemmed from a plan to murder his step-father. He tells her that it did. She says that Cam told her that his step-father was abusive towards him and his mother. She asks him if he murdered his step-father. Finn tells her that he didn’t. He says that he read a paper that she had written and it stopped him from murdering his step-father. He says that he figured he would never get away with it. He says that he told his step-father that he would kill him if he ever touched his mother again. That was the last time he saw him. Brennan sympathizes with him but tells him not to leave again because he won’t get any more chances. Finn then discovers something on one of the bones. He takes it to Hodgins and it turns out to be a parasite. Hodgins and Finn reach an understanding. Finn says that the particular parasite isn’t found in the US. Hodgins says that it’s found in 80% of the freshwater crab in Japan. Booth interviews the head of the competitive eating league again. He tells Booth that he got angry and shoved her. He said that he didn’t mean to push her into the tank. Cam stops Finn and gives him a Jeffersonian hat to wear in the lab. Booth and Brennan talk in her office. She says that she understands why Booth is tired because of the nature of the case. She says that she can now feel empathy for Booth and that she owes him an apology. She says that she understands how upset he was about not being included in the ultrasound. She gives him a DVD of the ultrasound. He sees the heartbeat of their daughter and gets very happy. The show ends with him talking to his daughter and feeling her kick.

We liked this episode of Bones. The show introduced a new intern and we’re interested to see where that storyline goes. Booth and Brennan continue to adjust to the changes. This episode felt smoother than the premiere. We liked the premiere, but we like the pace of this episode a little more. We hope to see more of the new intern. Overall, it was a strong episode.


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