NBAPA Rejects Deal

It is a bad time to be an NBA fan. The ongoing battle between the players and owners has truly entered the danger zone. Today the players rejected the owner’s latest offer and will look to dissolve their union and file an anti-trust lawsuit against the league. One of the main reasons this lockout has continued is because of revenue sharing. In the previous collective bargaining agreement, the players received a large majority of the revenue split. In the negotiations throughout this lockout, the players willingly came down to a 52-48 split. But the deal was rejected by the owners. Last week the owners sought an equal split in revenue. Most people would say that “50-50” split sounds fair. But there are details that factor in that make the deal less fair and the players are looking to use legal means as leverage in this lockout. Frankly, we just want to see a freakin’ pro game. We are pro-player here, but the time comes when you begin to do more harm than good. Hopefully the anti-trust suit will yield the same results that it did in the NFL and we will get NBA basketball back. But it doesn’t look good. Stay locked for more info as this story develops.


The owners actually offered a 49-51 split in favor of the league. The NBAPA has decided to disclaim rather that dissolve in order to expedite the process. The league is stating that in light of the players rejecting the most recent deal, that the next deal offered will be even worse for the players.


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