Recipe/Workout: Part 3

Its time for the third part of our Recipe/Workout series.  Last week we gave you a recipe for yams and this week we are going to continue with the side dish theme.  Today’s recipe is for greens and we are going to follow that with squat thrusts for the workout.



4 Bunches Mustard

4 Bunches Turnip

2 Ham Hocks


Green Pepper (Optional)


1.  Boil ham hocks until tender.

2.  Pick greens off stems then wash twice.

3.  In separate pot, boil greens for 15-20 minutes.

4.  Strain greens then add to the pot with the ham hocks and add fresh water.

5.  Dice green pepper and add to pot.

6.  Let the greens cook for 2 hours.

7.  Season greens to personal taste then serve.


As mentioned before, squat thrust is the workout that we paired with the recipe this week.  As always, remember to stretch before performing any type of workout to prevent injury.

Next week we will be back with another recipe for you guys to try and an exercise to work it all off.


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