Chromeo: Live From The House of Blues

Last night, we had the pleasure of seeing one of our favorite acts live. Chromeo performed the their last stop on their “Night Falls Tour” and it was spectacular. We have been to many concerts and most of them have been great. However, we have never been to a show where everybody in the concert danced from the first note played to the last. It truly was a party and today our legs are sore and our voices are gone. But we can say without any hesitation that it was all worth it.

The opening act was a band called Ishi and we were glad that we got there early to see them. They really got the crowd going with their interesting mix of funk, electronica, folk and indie. We don’t know much about this band but the lead singer, who we have nicknamed “Indian Chief Jesus”, was an awesome front man. We love the feeling we get when we hear new, unexpected music. We will certainly be doing a spotlight post on them soon. On stage they made it clear that they were getting the crowd ready for Chromeo and they definitely did that. As their set drew to close, you could feel the anticipation in the air. The roadies came out and set up the stage. As the clock neared a quarter past the hour, the stage lights dimmed and the crowd chanted “Chromeo-oh-oh, Chromeo-oh-oh” in unison. After a few moments, they took the stage and the crowd went crazy. They played almost every track from “Fancy Footwork” and “Business Casual” as well as few tracks from their first album, “She’s In Control”. The crowd was dancing so hard that at one point Dave 1 looked out into the audience and said “Wow” as he took in the view. As we said, we love Chromeo. One of the reasons we love them is because their sound is bright and complex. They gained even more points with us yesterday because we witnessed two guys reproduce that same sound with all its complexity live. That was impressive and we will never forget this concert. We can’t wait until they come back, because there is no question that we will be there. If any of you are fans of funk, electronica or dance and have never heard of Chromeo… Check them out right now because they fuse those genres seamlessly into something special. Below we have embedded a few videos that we posted to our Youtube channel from last night’s show. Enjoy.

Opening Up

Hot Mess

Bonafied Lovin’

I’m Not Contagious

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