Shows We Love: Leverage

Over the last few years, basic cable channels have begun to try their hands at scripted television. As we have mentioned in previous post, we like many of those shows. One that we hadn’t mentioned to this point was Leverage. We have been a fan of this show since it first aired. In the past few weeks the show returned from its hiatus with eight new episodes that will complete season 4. They have already been renewed for a season 5 and we can’t wait to see what new situations the team will find themselves in. For those who have never seen Leverage, its about a team of former con men and women who help people that have been wronged in one way or another. The team consist of Nate Ford (Mastermind), Sophie Devereaux (Grifter), Eliot Spencer (Hitter), Alec Hardison (Hacker) and Parker (Thief). One of the things we like about the show is that their plans rarely ever go according to plan and a few times they have had to abort the mission. Another interesting aspect of the show is how their interpersonal relationships have changed throughout the series. All of them were used to working cons alone and when the were thrust together, they had to adjust to having a team. Nate began the series trying to deny that he was actually a criminal and kept the others at arms length. Sophie has trust issues stemming from her chosen profession and didn’t even tell the team her real name until season 4. Eliot has a naturally prickly personality and has had to learn to temper it when dealing with the other team members. Hardison had a tendency to overdue any and everything, which annoyed the other team members. Parker struggles the most in interpersonal relationships because of her upbringing. As the show has gone on she has improved in this area significantly. So much so, that she now talks more openly to her teammates and ,albeit awkward and cryptic at times, has expressed her feelings for Hardison. Through all of their adventures and arguments it was shown in “The Grave Danger Job” that the team cares deeply for one another. They have become a de facto family and that gives the show another dimension that it would otherwise be incapable of. To see Leverage, tune in to TNT on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. If you like action, adventure, drama and comedy then you will find something to love about this show.


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