5 Worst Christmas Presents

Well it’s here at last. Christmas week is here and what better way to kick it off than to list our 5 worst Christmas gifts? There is no better way we tell you. So without any further delay, here they are.

1. Christmas Sweaters – It is no surprise that these hideous sweaters would make the list. Kids everywhere dread the prospect of unwrapping one of these on Christmas morning. Well if worse comes to worse, you can always donate it to Drake’s sweater collection.





2. Snuggie – Why oh why would someone give this to someone. We know why… Because you dislike the person you gave it to deeply… Just sayin’.




3. Chia Pet – Simply wrong. Unless you are buying a gift for a crazy cat lady that never left 1988, just save your money. Better yet, just buy her some kitty litter. It’s more thoughtful.





4. Forever Lazy – This thing is the Snuggie 2.0 and it still begs the question: Why is this necessary? If you have friends or family that plan on leaving the house in one of these just excommunicate them. It’s for their own good… and yours.



5. Fruit Cake – To quote Jim Gaffigan, “Fruit? Good. Cake? Great! Fruitcake? Nasty crap.” This dense, terrible excuse for food has the half-life of uranium-238. If you receive one just throw it in your yard. It will keep everything away including birds, bugs, dogs, squirrels, sunlight and people.


Well there you have it. Stay away from these “gifts” if you can help it. If you can’t, sorry. Be sure to check tomorrow for our 5 favorite Christmas gifts.


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