American Horror Story: “Birth”

This episode starts with a flashback from 1984. Constance is asleep on the couch while a young Tate is playing with his toy truck. He chases his truck down to the basement where he loses it. He sees it under a table and gets down to reach it. You see a face gradually appear in the dark under the table and suddenly the infantata appears and drags Tate across the floor. Nora appears and tells Thaddeus to go away and comforts a scared Tate. She tells him that if Thaddeus appears again to close his eyes and tell him to away. She tells Tate that she will protect him. He tells her that he wishes she was his mother. The scene switches to present day and Tate picks up his toy truck. He hears Nora crying in the basement and consoles her. He tells her that he can’t take Vivien’s baby like he promised her because he is in love with Violet. Nora tells him that she will take the baby. She tells him that the baby is hers.

Ben is dragging Violet out of house while she begs him to let her stay at home. He refuses and insists that she come with him. He tells Violet that they plan to leave the house and have the babies at her aunt’s house. He tells her that either she gets in the car or he will forcefully put her in it. He puts her in the backseat and she lies down and closes her eyes. As soon as the car leaves the driveway she reappears in her bedroom. She laments to Tate that she can’t keep lying to her parents. She will eventually have to tell them. She notices that Tate is on the computer looking at YouTube. She tells him that one day technology will evolve and there won’t be a YouTube to keep them current. She says that they will be like the other ghosts in the house. Tate tells her that they won’t be like them because they have each other. Violet sadly says that they will never have kids. They hear Chad and Patrick decorating the nursery. Chad tells Violet that they’re going to take her siblings once they’re born. Violet tells them that her parents are leaving the house. Chad tells her that her parents aren’t going anywhere as long as she’s stuck there. Violet calls Constance over and tells her that she needs help getting rid of ghosts. She tells Constance that Chad and Patrick are planning to take the babies once they’re born. Constance goes upstairs to talk to Chad and the two trade insults back and forth before Constance reveals that one of the babies is her grandchild. She tells him that he can have the other baby but he needs to leave her grandchild alone. He refuses and says that they want both of them. He then reveals that they plan to wait till the babies are around the age of one and then smother them so will stay cute forever.

Billy Dee is in the house feeling the emotions there. She says there is a lot of pain in the house. She telepathically tells Violet that she’s sorry she’s dead. Violet answers her back telepathically saying that no one can know and not to tell. Constance asks her how they can get rid of Chad and Patrick. Billy says they have to dislodge them from the paramagnetic grip of the house. Billy says it’s the evil. It was created by events that unleashed psychic energy into the environment where it’s absorbed. She says the negative energy feeds on trauma and pain. She says the force in the house is larger than the individual entities of the house. It wants to break through and move in the real world and its using those trapped in the house as conduits. Constance again asks her how to get rid of Chad and Patrick. She says there might be a way. Tate appears and Billy says that he can’t be there. Tate says he wants to help and Billy coldly tells him that he’s done enough. Constance tells Tate to leave and he disappears. Violet asks them what that was about and Constance tells her it was nothing. Ben is picking Vivien up at the ward when the doctor comes in and tells them that he recommended bed rest for Vivien. He tells Ben that Vivien has a condition that means one of the twins is developing much faster than the other. He says that one of the twins is ready to be born and is getting stronger while the other one is getting weaker. He tells them that he doesn’t recommend they fly or go anywhere at this time. Vivien is still determined to leave the city. Billy Dee tells Violet the story of the last time spirits were banished. She says it happened in 1590. An entire colony died and they haunted the area, killing anyone they came across. She says the tribe elder casted a banishment curse by gathering all of the settlers’ belongings and burning them. This caused them to appear, but before they could harm them, the chief uttered the words to finish the curse. Tate is pacing upstairs waiting for Violet to come. She appears and tells him what Billy Dee told her. She says that Patrick wears a ring and they need to get it so they can cast the banishment curse. He says that he doesn’t trust Billy. He wonders why she said all those things about him. Tate approaches Patrick and goads him into a fight. He lets Patrick pummel him. Chad appears and hears Patrick yelling at Tate for getting him stuck in the house and storms off. Patrick stops attacking Tate and runs after him. Tate reveals that he got Patrick’s ring. Ben and Vivien arrive at the house and Ben gets out of the car to retrieve Vivien’s things. Vivien begins to have pains while she is sitting in the car. Violet shows Tate the watch she stole from Chad. Ben knocks on Violet’s door wanting to know where she went earlier. She opens the door and tells him to leave and go far away. Ben demands to know what drugs she’s taking. She tells him that she can’t leave the house because she’s dead. She tells him to go and take Vivien with him. Vivien is outside having severe stomach pains. Constance comes to her and helps her into the house just as Ben and Violet come downstairs. She says the babies are coming.

With Vivien still in labor, Constance attempts to calm her down and Ben says that he s going to call her an ambulance.  Violet looks on with an extremely traumatized look of disbelief and horror.  Violet tells Constance that her mother can’t give birth in the house because it’s not safe and Constance replies for her to make it safe.  Ben tries to call the ambulance, but his cell phone has no signal and the landline had a busy tone.  At that moment he hears his car being vandalized.  He then looks outside to see the twins disabling his vehicle.  At first he thinks it’s just kids in the neighborhood.  Then the boys turn and approach the house, revealing their wounds to Ben.  He then begins to have a moment of clarity and the power to the house is cut.  Constance appears and tells him that its time.  Ben walks in on a candle lit scene of Vivien giving birth with the assistance of Dr. Montgomery and the coeds.  Ben begins to zone out, but then is slapped by Constance who tells him that the house is trying to assist them and they are in no position to refuse.  Ben then approaches and tries to comfort Vivien.  The first baby is born and Dr. Montgomery says it is still born and he then takes it over to his wife.  Violet takes Patrick and Chad’s belongings and tosses it in the furnace and tries to cast the spell.  Chad pretends to be affected, but quickly begins to laugh as he tells Violet that the spell is nonsense and only exist so the living feel like they have control.  He breaks the post from the baby bed and throws them in the furnace.  He tells her that they are no threat to her mother and that he is doomed to spend eternity with a man that doesn’t love him.  But even worse was the fact that her man does love her.  He says that Tate will always be a monster and Violet retorts that he has changed.  Chad asks her when, after he killed him and his boyfriend or after he raped her mother.  Violet says he’s lying and Chad says we are about to find out as the basement is filled with Vivien’s screams.

Vivien’s labor continues with Ben coaching her on.  Dr. Montgomery then picks up forceps to try and manipulate the baby.  After many intense moments, the baby is finally born.  Dr. Montgomery says he has to stop the bleeding.  Constance takes the baby and says she will wash it up and return.  Ben asks the doctor if everything is alright and he begins to act strangely.  Constance and Moira look at the baby in admiration.  At that moment Hayden appears and tells them to clean her baby up.  Vivien is losing a lot of blood and Dr. Montgomery tells Ben she is going into shock.  Violet appears and apologizes to her mother.  Ben begs her to keep fighting.  Violet tells her if she is tired, to just let go so she can be with her.  Vivien replies that she doesn’t think she has a choice.  Ben tells her they can be happy again like they were before his mistakes.  He pleads with her as she passes away.  Ben then looks around and finds himself alone with a now dead Vivien.  Violet heads upstairs to confront Tate.  She tells him that her mother is dead and her father is down there all alone.  Tate says that he liked her father and it saddens him.  He reaches out to Violet but she backs away.  She asks him why he began seeing her father in the first place knowing that he was dead.  She asks him if he knows how he died and he tells her the cops shot him.  She says yes, but why did they shoot you?  She tells him he killed kids.  Tate begins to cry and asks why he would do that.  She tells him she doesn’t know then asks why he killed the guys that lived there before them and raped her mother.  Tate apologizes and Violet tells him that she used to think that he was like her, attracted to darkness.  But, now she knows he is the darkness.  He tells her that darkness was all he was before her and she was his light.  She tells him that she loves him but can’t forgive him for what he’s done.  She tells him that she won’t be with him and then tell him to go away.  In another intense moment as he is being banished Tate yells that she is all he wants.  Violet opens her eyes to see that Tate is gone.  She begins to weep and Vivien puts her arms around her to comfort her.  Violet again apologizes for her death and the loss of her baby.  Vivien says that it’s alright and she didn’t lose her baby.  She hugs a still weeping Violet as the scene goes black.

As we said last week, this show is about more than just the supernatural.  This is truly a horror story.  We can now add dead wife to list of horrific events that Ben must endure.  Where do we go from here?  How much can one man take?  What will become of the baby?  These are all question we hope will be answered next week in the season finale.  We will be tuned in and we hope you will too.


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