5 Best Christmas Presents

On Monday, we gave you our 5 worst Christmas presents list. So today we are going to tell you our 5 best list. Before we start, we just want to say that this best list is our opinion unlike the worst list… All of those were universal truths.

1. iPad 2 – We know that this gift is a cliche, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Apple’s second iteration of their famed tablet is a brilliant piece of engineering. But moreover, it matches plastic frame glasses, plaid scarves and Starbucks coffee. Yes, we’re talking to you pretentious coffee shop guy.



2. M-65 Field Coat – This jacket fuses fashion and utility. Its just as at home on a camping trip as it is in the back row of a lecture hall. This jacket says I’m down for the revolution, but I like to hit the clubs on the weekend.






3. Audi R8 – We know that this item is a bit far fetched, but if we got one of these it’d be a merry freakin’ Christmas. This awesome exotic ride says…. I’m awesome and loaded.




4. Brooklyn Brew Shop: Beer Making Kit – This gift is for the patient alcoholic. This lets the person know that you expect them to provide labor intensive beverages at your party in 2 weeks.




5. Money – Paper currency is always good and it takes less thought than any of the other gifts. So for the lazy asses out there that would rather give cash than think of an actual present, that’s cool. Cash works fine for us. We have student loans…. No really.



That was it. All of these presents are more than welcome by us. So if we were to open an R8 on Christmas day, there will be no complaints. In fact let us know what we can do to make that happen. Stop by tomorrow for our 5 favorite Christmas albums list.


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