December Music Haul

It’s time for a music haul. This month, we reviewed 5 albums. We really enjoyed all the music that graced our ears.  Check out our convenient link after the list to listen to the songs.

  1. Young Jeezy- I Do (ft. Jay-Z, Andre 3000)
  2. Robin Thicke- Love After War
  3. Robin Thicke- I Don’t Know How It Feels
  4. Robin Thicke- Boring
  5. Robin Thicke- What Would I Be?
  6. The Black Keys- Dead and Gone
  7. The Black Keys- Gold On The Ceiling
  8. The Black Keys- Sister
  9. The Black Keys- Mind Eraser
  10. Common- Sweet
  11. Common- The Dreamer (ft. Maya Angelou)
  12. Common- Raw (How You Like It)
  13. Common- Windows
  14. Young Jeezy- Higher Learning (ft. Snoop Dogg, Devin The Dude and Mitchelle’l)
  15. The Roots- The Otherside (ft. Bilal and Greg Porn)
  16. The Roots- Make My (ft. Big K.R.I.T. and Dice Raw)
  17. The Roots- Kool On (ft. Greg Porn and Truck North)
  18. 50 Cent- Wait Until Tonight
  19. 50 Cent- Off & On
  20. Stateless- Bloodstream
  21. The Shins- Sea Legs
  22. Chris Brown- Strip (ft. Kevin McCall)
  23. Foster The People- Chin Music for the Unsuspecting Hero

Convenient link to our playlist.


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