In Case You Haven’t Heard: CrazySexyCool by TLC

Another week has gone by and we have another album for you guys to check out or rediscover.  Back in 1994, TLC released their sophomore album to critical and commercial acclaim.  This album’s title described its vibe perfectly and it was just as appropriate to listen to at a party as it was while you relaxed.  The title also was intended to describe the personalities of each of the members of TLC.  As always, we have our favorite tracks even though the album was amazing overall.

Favorite Tracks

“Creep” – This was the lead single off of their album and it introduced a considerably sexier side of the group.

“Diggin’ On You” – This was a feel good track that we love because everybody has been in that position in one way or another.

“Red Light Special” – This song speaks for itself.  With the driving sensual guitar line and seductive lyrics it was the subject of many prepubescent boy’s dreams.

“Waterfalls” – We like this song because of its social message about HIV and gang violence.  It was great that TLC took a break from partying to drop some knowledge on their fan base.

“Lets Do It Again” – This was a very forward sexual track that we rather enjoyed for its vibe.  In fact we think there are a few 18 year-olds walking around because of this song.

TLC was a great musical group and the world unfortunately lost Left Eye to a tragic car accident.  But through this album, her legacy as well as those of T-Boz and Chilli will live on. If you are very young and have never heard this album or you simply haven’t heard it in a long time, click here to check it out.


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