Superbowl XLVI

Congratulations to the New York Giants on their big win in Superbowl XLVI. Yesterday, they defeated the New England Patriots to become the 2012 Champions. This is Eli Manning’s second Superbowl win as well as the second time he has defeated Tom Brady and New England Patriots to do so.  Also, this Superbowl broke all sorts of records including viewership with 111.3 million viewers. It also broke the tweets per minute record.  Madonna performed a medley of old and new songs for the halftime show.  As always, there were many commercials that were cool.  Standouts to us were the M&M, Acura NSX and Hyundai Veloster Turbo commercials.  All in all, it was a great event.  The game was good, the team we wanted to win was victorious and the commercials were pretty good.  So, the curtain draws closed on another NFL season and we can’t wait until next year to see who will rise and who will fall.


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