Week In Review

Some of the important/semi-important non-political, non-scientific, non-world peace and non-violent things that happened this week:

The Superbowl Aired

Kobe Bryant passed Shaq to become 5th all time in scoring

The river premiered on ABC to disappointing numbers. We’re going to give it another chance by watching it next week before we make our decision about whether or not its good.

NCIS had its 200th episode. We really enjoyed Gibb’s spirit walk in the episode. It was closure of some storylines. We think something bad is going to happen now that he’s had that spirit walk.

The trailers for The Amazing Spider-man and the The Bourne Legacy were released.

The Gorillaz announced that their new single would be titled “Do Ya Thang” and would feature James Murphy and Andre 3000.

Safe House was released to theaters today

We discovered this super cool satirical take on The Death of Superman. It’s not for everybody. If you lack an understanding of satire and a sense of humor….you should still watch it….and stop being so serious. The video is below. Enjoy!


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