Top 10 Favorite Daft Punk Songs

If you have followed our “Songs of the Day”, you know that we are huge fans of many genres. EDM ranks very high on that list. One of the pioneering groups of the genre, Daft Punk, are releasing their long anticipated new album today. We have loved their music since the beginning and we are especially fans of their willingness to experiment. In place of our “Song of the Day, we are giving you 10. Here is our top 10 list of favorite Daft Punk songs. The list isn’t in any particular order because our favorites change daily. But trust us, if its on the list, we jam it often. Check out our list while we put “Random Access Memories” on the turntable and find some new favorites.

“Something About Us”

“Face To Face”

“One More Time”

“Around the World”

“Get Lucky”


“Robot Rock”

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”

“Da Funk”


Honorable Mention


“Music Sounds Better With You” (Not really a Daft Punk song, but closely related)