Song Of The Day (Sharknado Edition)


In honor of the obviously award worthy film “Sharknado”, we are posting a song of the day that should be the theme song for the sequel. We already saw a Sharknado… How about a Sharkicane… That rocks… You’re welcome.

“Rock You Like a Hurricane” by The Scorpions

Week In Review

Some of the important/semi-important non-political, non-scientific, non-world peace and non-violent things that happened this week:

The Superbowl Aired

Kobe Bryant passed Shaq to become 5th all time in scoring

The river premiered on ABC to disappointing numbers. We’re going to give it another chance by watching it next week before we make our decision about whether or not its good.

NCIS had its 200th episode. We really enjoyed Gibb’s spirit walk in the episode. It was closure of some storylines. We think something bad is going to happen now that he’s had that spirit walk.

The trailers for The Amazing Spider-man and the The Bourne Legacy were released.

The Gorillaz announced that their new single would be titled “Do Ya Thang” and would feature James Murphy and Andre 3000.

Safe House was released to theaters today

We discovered this super cool satirical take on The Death of Superman. It’s not for everybody. If you lack an understanding of satire and a sense of humor….you should still watch it….and stop being so serious. The video is below. Enjoy!

Movies We Want To See: “The Bourne Legacy

Today, the trailer for The Bourne Legacy was released. This is the fourth film in the Bourne series, but Jason Bourne will not be in it. It’s not a reboot (thankfully), but more of a continuation after the events of The Bourne Ultimatum. This movie has been described as a “sidequal”. This indicates that Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross co-exist at the same time. We like that this movie was done this way. It gives it a sense of authenticity. Aaron Cross doesn’t seem like a Bourne knock-off, he seems like another awesome agent. We were kind of skeptical when heard about it a few months ago, but after watching the trailer; we have to admit that it seems awesome. Jeremy Renner is an awesome actor and we’re sure he can pull off unbeatable spy very well. The movie is due to be released late this summer but you can get a little sample by checking out the trailer below.

The Amazing Spider-man Trailer

After the debacle that was Spider-man 3, we were understandably skeptical about the franchise’s future.  Then, we heard they cast Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and our ears perked up a bit.  After that, we heard Emma Stone was cast as Gwen Stacy.  That was a double shot of good news because we are fans of Ms. Stone and Gwen being the main love interest means we might get a true origins story line.  It was sealed for us when we saw a production still of Garfield in character as Spider-man.  Fast forward several months and we now have our first full trailer for the forthcoming movie, “The Amazing Spider-man”.  It looks much grittier than its predecessors  and we get more of a taste of Peter’s trademark sarcasm.  Its clear that Christopher Nolan’s penchant for the darker side of heroes is rubbing off on the comic book genre in general and we can’t wait to see the finished product on July 3rd.  Until then, check out the official trailer below.

Movies We Want to See: Safe House

We feel its important to let this be known. We love action movies. We’re suckers for awesome fight scenes, shoot outs, car chases, and explosions. That’s why we want to see “Safe House”. Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds star in this action film. From the looks of the trailer, the movie seems to contain the 4 things we mentioned above. That makes for an entertaining ride. Plot and acting is also important to us, but sometimes you just want to see a car chase, shoot out, fight scene or an explosion. The fact that there’s a bad ass rogue CIA operative in the movie is a bonus. If you haven’t seen the trailer, we have provided it below. Are you going to see “Safe House”?

Movies We Want To See: “Chronicle”

Over the last several years “super hero”, “found footage” and “coming of age” films have been done in just about as many ways as possible.  However last fall, while attending a showing of “Paranormal Activity 3”, we saw a trailer that piqued our interest.  “Chronicle” looks to show what would happen if angsty teenagers were given superpowers and had the wherewithal to record it.  Whereas that premise alone would be interesting, we hope that its deeper than that and we want to be able to say that this film offers something new to each of the genres it draws from.  It will be released this weekend (Feb. 3) and we will have to make sure we see it before the Superbowl. If you are unfamiliar with this movie check out the trailer below.  Its very interesting.

Men In Black 3 Teaser Trailer

Today, a teaser trailer for Men In Black 3 was released. The franchise has tackeled storylines such as alien invasions, thwarting the destruction  of the world, lost loves, partners quitting, and partners rejoining the team. After all those issues, the next step would be time travel to unravel a conspiracy right? That appears to be what happens in this installment of the franchise. We like it. We plan to see it when it comes to theaters. Check it out here or scroll down to view it.

“The Hunger Games” Trailer

Yesterday, the trailer for “The Hunger Games” was released and it looks really cool.  We hope that this adaptation will do the original text justice. We haven’t read the books, but we have an idea of what’s going on and we love the concept. We already plan on seeing the movie when it comes out and the trailer makes us even more excited for the release. What did you guys think of it?

You can see the trailer here.

Top 20 Scariest Characters: Part 5

So you made it to Friday.  Hopefully, everyone still has clean underpants… If not, please go take care of that right now.  Anyway, today we have the final group of scary characters.  In part 4, we brought you Asami Yamazaki, Anton Chigurh, Patrick Bateman and a possessed Emily Rose.  Even though we stated that they were not ranked, we feel that today’s characters are the scariest of the scary.

Marlow – When we first saw “30 Days of Night”, the character that stood out to us was most certainly Marlow.  He has many characteristics that are frightening including, but not limited to: his appearance, his voice, his murderous tendencies and his utter disregard for all things decent.  His most frightening moment came when a women traveling through the snow was cornered by Marlow and his vampire clan.  The women calls for God and Marlow looks curiously into her eyes and asks, “God?”  He looks into the sky in a mocking fashion and then back into her eyes again and says, “No God.”  After that, he steps back and lets the other vampires torture her before killing her.

The Strangers – If there was ever a reason not to answer the door, the film “The Strangers” was it.  The Strangers were composed of 3 psychopaths.  There were 2 women and 1 man.  The film draws inspiration from Charles Manson’s rampage and these killers must have done their research.  These characters are so disturbing because there is nothing supernatural about them.  This could actually happen.  The most iconic scene of the movie that captures the true madness of these people, was towards the end.  Their victims were captured and bound.  When the women shouts at them “Why are you doing this?” one of the girls replies, “Because you were home.” in a nonchalant tone.  So, if you are ever at home alone and someone knocks on the door and asks for Tamara, get the double-barrel and call the cops.

Samara Morgan – Back when “The Ring” came out, it was heralded for its return to creativity in the horror genre.  That said, Samara just plain scared the hell out of us.  As humans, we try and rationalize why things occur.  In this film there is no need for extensive analysis of why she’s the way she is.  This child is pure, undiluted evil.  When we first saw this, it was us and few friends gathered around the television.  After the first time they show whats on the videotape, a friend’s phone rang out loud causing everyone to freak out.  The most frightening scene is when she comes out of the television, reveals her true face and scares a man to death.  She leaves his face grotesquely twisted, which only added to her fear factor.

Toby – Three movies in and we finally have a name to call the demon in the “Paranormal Activity” series.  Paranormal Activity is one of the scariest movie series ever and “Toby” is the reason.  He terrorizes many people and seems to get a kick out of it at times.  For the other characters, we have been able to come up with a scene or moment that defines that character, but after much deliberation we determined that Toby is defined by the series as a whole.  Every time we think he can’t top himself, he does.  It is understandable that a demon would be mean… Because that’s in the job description… I mean, if you went to apply for that job and you weren’t mean enough, they would be like… “Go work at the DMV.”  We’re kidding of course, but Toby is a major douche-bag.  He picks on children and destroys property.  And that’s just rude.  So if you are being haunted by Toby or any of his friends, don’t tell us and we wish you the best of luck with that.

So that’s it people.  That was 20 of the scariest characters we have come across.  As always, we welcome comments.  So if you feel we were dead on with our picks or think there is someone that we could add, leave your feedback.

Top 20 Scariest Characters: Part 4

So as it stands, we are down to the remaining 8 characters in our top 20 list.  Yesterday’s list included Leatherface, Rusty Nail, Sadie and Alex DeLarge.  Today we have 4 more sickos to show you.

Asami Yamazaki – This is the psychotically jealous woman from the Japanese horror film “Audition”.  Asami is a fan of torture and she sees her actions as a means of scolding someone.  She feels that the person that loves her can’t love anybody else in anyway.  Even if it’s the love a parent shares with a child.  Asami had a few creepy scenes in the movie, but the most memorable one was the real-time torture scene at the end.  After finding a picture of her boyfriends deceased wife, she becomes angry.  She drugs him, sticks acupuncture needles all over his body, then proceeds to saw off his foot with what appears to be piano wire.

Anton Chigurh – This character was more than scary.  In “No Country For Old Men” he was the walking embodiment of fate.  The inevitability of your death should you meet him was not based purely on the fact he was a killer.  He felt that fate had brought you to him and it was out of his hands.  In what we believe is a scene that truly captured his madness, Anton visits the widow of the man who had the money he was sent to retrieve.  In the conversation he informs the widow that he is there because of a decision her husband made and in so many words the seemingly excessive nature of killing her comes down to his word or code.  She tries to persuade him not to kill her but all he can offer her is a flip of the coin.  She refuses to “call it”.  Citing that coin doesn’t make the choice, Anton does.  His rebuttal of “The coin got here the same way I did.” has been one of the many lines that has been subjected to extensive critical analysis.  The next scene, you see him exiting the house and thoroughly checking his boots after apparently killing her.

Patrick Bateman – We always knew yuppies were homicidal.  In “American Psycho”, Patrick killed so many people that it’s easy to lose count.  What makes him scary is not only the sheer volume of people he killed, but also his methods and targets.  Most of his kills were not “enemies”.  They were just people at the wrong place at the wrong time.  Patrick had many iconic moments, but the one that truly stands out to us is the scene in which he rattles off the history of Huey Lewis and the News all the while putting on a raincoat.  He then starts playing “Hip To Be Square” as he dances around.  After that, he picks up an ax and brutally murders his “rival”.  We know that there is some debate about whether or not he actually killed all of those people. But, the fact that any of that was swimming around in his head disturbs us whether he did it or not.

Emily Rose (Possessed) – Admittedly, when we began to watch “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” we thought its pace was kind of slow.  But, we stuck it out and watched the whole thing.  Seeing that we had to go to class the next morning and needed sleep, that wasn’t such a great idea.  The most iconic scene in the movie was terrifying.  Emily escapes to the family barn with the priest following close behind. Supernatural phenomena is in abundance as they reach the barn.  Emily, clearly possessed, will not speak the name of the demon that inhabits her.  After the priest aggressively demands to know the name, we learn that she is possesed by 6 demons.  At this point there is an unholy roll call of the demons, spoken in many languages.  As Emily gets to the sixth she utters it in English and the voice still haunts us: “And I am Lucifer, devil in the flesh”.  Moment for moment that is one of the scariest scenes we have ever witnessed.

Check in tomorrow at for the fifth and final part of our top 20 scariest list.